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Complimentary Issue

All Fantasy Art Non-Sport Card Newsletter

All Fantasy Art
Non-Sport Card


Dedicated to Fantasy Art, Illustrated Art, Comic Art, Fantasy Artists via Trading Cards, Books and Calendars. All-Fantasy-Art
Issue: # 3
Subscribers: 79 -------Free Newsletter
May 15, 2003  

Keeping you up-to-date!

What's New at the site
Traders Corner Added....see right side notices.


Added fantasy art books this week (for sale, good prices under retail value).
All books are in excellent shape.
There are many books and calendars to add, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Links were added to the artist site as well as links to art covers (front & back) and in some instances additional links to art.

Chase-Insert-Promo Cards Added
Added some full chase card sets and Autographed cards.
Whalen,Adventures in Fantasy: Optiprism, & Spectrascope (Full Sets)

Autographed Shi Card Promo - William Tucci

Autographed William Stout - set auto 1/500

Janesko "Select" Box Top Canvas

Skeleton Warriors: Full Set, Luma Bone-Glow In the Dark

Wayne Barlowe: The Alien World of;
Prism - P1,P3,P5,P6

Hildebrandt the Best of All Chromium:
Full set:
The masterpiece Collection:
full subset:

Insert/Chase/Promo Cards page:

Sets Posted
Shipping is included in set prices for the month of May only.
Many sets discounted.

WildC.A.T.S. - $8.00 (55% of BV)

Ken Kelly - $8.00 (60% of BV)

Battlefield Earth - $8.00 (60% of BV)

Joe DeVito - $5.00 (60% of BV)

Heavy Metal the Movie and More $9.00 (75% of BV)

Full Set Page:copy and paste

Wax Boxes
Books, Calendars, Other
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Traders Corner

Add your list of cards, calendars or books wants/needs for free.
Either submit a list of up to 20 cards or 5 sets you are searching for,
a link will be provided in this space connected to your needs list.
That link will carry your contact info.
Please provide a subject header indicating the catagory of your search,
i.e. 'Marvel Universe" or 'Boris Vallejo' with the name or number of the set,
book or calendar.

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