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Complimentary Issue #4
All Fantasy Art Non-Sport Card Newsletter All Fantasy Art
Non-Sport Card 
Fantasy Art: Trading Cards-Comic-Pinup, Books, Calendars
Dedicated to Fantasy Art, Illustrated Art, Comic Art, Fantasy Artists via Trading Cards, Books and Calendars. All-Fantasy-Art
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Date: May 25, 2003 Keeping you up-to-date!
What's New at the site Add Your Web Site Link
Traders Corner Added....see right side notices.

Newsletter design upgraded,

Picked up a number of tea cards this week will be added next week.

Will add more fantasy art books this week 
(for sale, good prices under retail value).
All books are in excellent shape.
There are another 50 plus books and calendars to add, this is just the 
start of the listing.
Links were added to the artist site as well as links to art covers
(front & back) and in some instances additional links to internal art. 

Links have been addded to most sets to allow you to check the full listing
of the cards - including all chase-insert-promo cards.

Free-For-All Links
Add Your Website to Our Links!

Chase-Insert-Promo Cards Added What Are You Looking For?
Added many full and partial chase-insert cards and sets.

New American Pinup - 1997
Bone 2 - Holochrome
Cleavenger - Works and Visions - Autograph
Dragon Ball - Holochrome
DC- Firepower Embossed Promo
DC-Cosmic Cards - 1992 - DCHC 3,6,7,10
DC Comic edition Master Series - Foil Green Arrow F3
DC Outburst: Firepower Fleer/SkyBox - 1996 - Holoburst - #2 OF 2
[Batman Swings into Action R. Whigham, American Bank Note, S. Suchit]
Elvgren Pinups - Full Set Gold Signature
Fatal Beauty - Don Paresi - Sets
Lee MacLeod - T's Full Sets or Individual T's (10 in a set)
Olivia Metamorphosis - promo's Added
Robh Ruppel - M1 added
Ultraverse Edition-94 - Foil U1
Wizard promos Added

Insert/Chase/Promo Cards page:


Full Sets:

Chase / Insert / Promo Cards:

Books & Calendars 

Sets Posted Traders Corner
Shipping is included in set prices for the month of May only. 
Many sets discounted.

Jennifer Janesko - Select: $12.00

Gil Elvgren -Calendar Pinups 2: $9.00

WildC.A.T.S. - $8.00 (55% of BV)

Ken Kelly - $8.00 (60% of BV)

Battlefield Earth - $8.00 (60% of BV)

Joe DeVito - $5.00 (60% of BV)

Heavy Metal the Movie and More $9.00 (75% of BV)

Unity: Time Is Not Absolute - 1992 - $4.00

Full Set Page:

Add your list of cards, calendars or books wants/needs for free.
Either submit a list of up to 20 cards or 5 sets you are searching for,
a link will be provided in this space connected to your needs list. 
That link will carry your contact info.
Please provide a subject header indicating the catagory of your search,
i.e. 'Marvel Universe" or 'Boris Vallejo' with the name or
number of the set, book or calendar.
Your Trade Link Here With Subject Header
Wax Boxes Special(s) - Announcements - Trivia
California Raisins World Tour (Zoot/1988) --->Sale Price, $15.00 + shipping
Box: 48 packs of 5 sticker-cards. Common sets: approx. 9.60 per box.
25 cards per set.

Stargate: (Collect-A-Card - 1994)--->Sale Price $15.00 + shipping
Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 "Unlock the Stargate" card. Common sets: approx. 2.35 per box. Unlock the Stargate sets: 3.00 per box.

X-Men Fleer Ultra: Wolverine (Fleer/SkyBox - 1996) ---->$20.00 + Shipping
Box: 24 packs of 8 cards100 cards per set, Featuring the Savage Life of Wolverine - original art by Ken Kelly, Julie Bell, Joe Jusko and the list goes on and on! Inserts include a 9 card HoloFlash by the Hildebrandts (1:4) and 3 Mirage/Morph/Motion Wolverine cards (1:24).(Retail:55-60)
Marvel vs. WildStorm (Fleer/SkyBox International - 1997)
This is the Hobby Exclusive box which give a greater 
ratio of chase cards. 24 packs per box.
Chase/Insert cards: 8 holographic overpower character cards,
9 Clearchrome cards, 90 card parallel Holographic chromium.
Lady Death - Wicked Ways - Series IV (4) - Chromium 
6 Cards per pack - 
available - up to 20 unopened packs at $2.00/pack
Click here for complete set and insert card information
Lady Death Chromium Card Set III
Krome Productions - 1996
Parallel Sets 
1 - Black Mask (same as the common set,
 but with checklist backs and no card numbers)
2 - Fractal Numbered (small reflective squares 
appear on the face of the card)
3 - Fractal Black Mask (small reflective 
squares on the card face, but no card numbers)
4 - ClearChrome (numbered see-through 
plastic cards, similar to Series 1 chase cards)
5 - Holochrome Numbered (high-gloss 
reflective finish, superior to the common cards)
6 - Holochrome Black Mask (high-gloss 
reflective finish, but no card numbers).

The Black Mask cards are a novel approach. 
Commons have identical checklist backs,
and the image on the front is "masked" 
until you peel off the plastic layer.
 No doubt this increased excitement when you 
opened packs.  Without removing the masking, 
you could always claim you had a complete set 
but you didn't want to reduce the cards'
 value by removing the mask. ...

Credits: The House of Checklists is provided 
as an information resource for non-sports 
card collectors. With over 2500 sets listed.
Check them out.
Checklist Home Link
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Single-Common Cards  
Animal Mystic
Melting Pot: added 5 singles Holochrome
Trading Card Treats - Marvel
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