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Issue #6
All Fantasy Art Non-Sport Card Newsletter All Fantasy Art
Non-Sport Card 
Fantasy Art: Trading Cards-Comic-Pinup, Books, Calendars
Dedicated to Fantasy Art, Illustrated Art, Pinup & Comic Art, Fantasy Artists via Trading Cards, Books and Calendars. All-Fantasy-Art
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Date: June 7, 2003 Keeping you up-to-date!
What's New at the Site This Week Add Your Web Site Link
A number of new books were again added this week
along with chase/insert and promo cards.

All cards are for
sale or trade,
check site for listing and prices.

All sets have been discounted for the Month of June..Full Sets:

Where Pictures have been added. Click on the camera .

Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask..

New addition: Gaming cards (see below)
with artist names and full lists. Does anyone have a good site
for gaming card prices - trading ccg.

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Chase-Insert-Cards added - Chase / Insert What Are You Looking For?
**DC: Outburst-Firepower -1996
2 of 2 Batman Swings into Action

Insert/Chase/Promo Cards page:

 Full Sets
Terminator 2 - 1991 - Topps
38 main cards, 6 puzzle cards, all 44 cards have peel off -stickers,
composition combination of card and sticker like ordinary card.
Also have many single cards from set available as well.
Past Issues:


Full Sets:

Chase / Insert / Promo Cards:

Books & Calendars 

Chase-Insert-Promo Cards Added
X-Men & Marvel Insert-Chase cards - Chase / Insert Autographs
Marvel Annual - Flair 1995-Fleer

FlairPrint Cards (Case Bonus) 
Cyclops -

PowerBlast of 24
1 of 24 Wolverine
3 of 24 Venom
4 of 24 Rogue
8 of 24 Jubilee
10 of 24 Morbius
14 of 24 Captain America
15 of 24 Cable
16 of 24 Archangel
18 of 24 Iceman
19 of 24 Professor X
21 of 24 Thanos h
22 of 24 Mandarin*
23 of 24 Demogoblin h
24 of 24 Phalanx havex5

HoloBlast Cards of 12
2 Deadpool vs. Juggernaut*
4 Cable vs. Nimrod have
5 Iron Man vs. Mandarin*
6 Venom vs. Demogoblin have
7 Hulk vs. Trauma*
9 Banshee vs. Phalanx*
11 Namor vs. Llyron*

Traders Corner: Don't Be Shy - It's Free
Add your want list of hard to find cards, calendars or books wants/needs.
Either submit a list of up to 20 cards or 5 sets you are searching for,
a link will be provided in this space connected to your needs list. 
That link will carry your contact info or back to your site.
Please provide a subject header indicating the catagory of your search,
i.e. 'Marvel Universe" or 'Boris Vallejo' with the name or
number of the set, book or calendar.
Your Trade Link Here With Subject Header
X-Men & Marvel Insert-Chase cards - Chase / Insert

Chromium Cards
of 12
1 Spider-Man
3 Iron Man
4 Thing
5 Hulk
6 Ghost Rider
7 Gambit*
9 Punisher
10 Bishop*

DuoBlast Cards of 3
1 Spider-Man / Scarlet Spider
2 Punisher 2099 / Vendetta
Gaming cards Special(s) - Announcements - Trivia
Blood Wars:click here for list
List of cards available,
Chase, Rare, Common, Uncommon
Artist credits

Dark Age:Click for complete list
List of cards available
Special, Rare, Common, Uncommon, Fixed
Artist credits

Mythos:Click for complete list
List of cards available
Promo, Rare, Common, Uncommon

Rage: (Umbra)Click for complete list
Rare, Uncommon, Common,
Card description
List of cards available

Yu-Gi-Oh:Click for complete list
Rare, Ultra rare, Common
300 Harley Davidson Trading Cards
From Series 1,2,3 (mixed)
Free Shipping

(only 12 left)(buy them all and box included)
Lady Death Wax Packs- Wicked Ways - Series IV (4) - Chromium 
6 Cards per pack - 
available - unopened packs at $2.00/pack
Click here for complete set and insert card information
Books, Calendars, Other - Books & Calendars FYI:
Erotic Fantasy Art of Drew Posadaclick for art samples
Excellent art of the female form

The Art of Boris Vallejo: Platinum Edition:click for cover samples
Over 100 of his finest sketches, 'The Dreams of Boris Vallejo"
Art is in Excellent condition covers from 1989 - 2000

Fastner & Larson - click for cover samples x2
The Art of (over 90 pages)
Art with a flair for the comedic yet sexy.

Art of Larry Elmore - 96 pages click for cover samples
Mythical fantasy art from numerous publications

Richard Corben signed Art Portfolio -
click for cover samples
Fantastic Females - 6 series art portfolio - Signed 1353/2000
Issued in 1984 in fine condition - (sizes 12"x9")
The new 2003 Promo Guide is now on sale.
Cover price $14.95
Promo Card Encyclopedia & Price Guide 2003. The last one was in 2002.
The Last promo card guide (same author,Todd Jordan) was 2002, 158 pages,
soft cover , pretty extensive. This is the newer edition which will include
everything that came out plus what was in the 2002, which was actually sent
to print in late 2001, so it's got allot of additions to catch up on.
Want one? Drop me a note and I'll tell you where to get it at 20% off.
But hurry there's only a few left.
Single-Common Cards - Singles  
*Witchblade Mullennium -
*Witchblade Disciples of the Blade -
*Animal Mystic - (adult)
*Comic Images Supreme - Linsner,Olivia,Boris,
-Hildebrandt, J.Bell,
*Terminator 2 - Movie Card - Stickers (lots available)
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