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Issue #7
All Fantasy Art Non-Sport Card Newsletter All Fantasy Art
Non-Sport Card 
Fantasy Art: Trading Cards-Comic-Pinup, Books, Calendars
Dedicated to Fantasy Art, Illustrated Art, Pinup & Comic Art, Fantasy Artists via Trading Cards, Books and Calendars. All-Fantasy-Art
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Date: July 7, 2003 Keeping you up-to-date!
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Chase-Insert-Cards added - Chase / Insert What Are You Looking For?
HoloAction Chase #H4 Two-Face 1996

DOCTOR WHO Series 2 - Chase #3 -
The Fifth Doctor
DOCTOR WHO Series 2 - Chase #5 - Sylvester McCoy-Click for card image
DOCTOR WHO Series 2 - Premiere Chase Card #7 - Ace-Click for card image

INDEPENDENCE DAY Holo-Foil Chase Card #ID1Click for card image

Looney Tunes Anthology
Foil Chase Card #TC3 - Elmer Fudd
Click for card image

Ultraverse Edition: SkyBox Master Series SkyBox - 1994
U1 Solitaire Flash
Gerard Jones / Jeff Johnson Adam Hughes
U2 Prototype Flash
Click for card imageMason / Strazewski David Ammerman
U3 Prime Flash
Click for card imageJones / Strazewski Brett Blevins
U5 Sludge Flash
Steve Gerber / Kevin Nowlan Adam Hughes

WILDC.A.T.S - Painted Refractors Chase Card #P6Click for card image
WILDC.A.T.S - Painted Refractors Chase Card #P8
Click for card image
WILDC.A.T.S - Painted Refractors Chase Card #P9
Click for card image

Readers' Choice Card #RC1- Grifter
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Full Sets:

Chase / Insert / Promo Cards:

Books & Calendars 

Chase-Insert- Cards - Other
Barb Wire -Pamela Anderson
Embossed Chase Card #E1, Click to view
Embossed Chase Card #E2, Click to view
Embossed Chase Card #E4, Click to view
Embossed Chase Card #E6,
Embossed Chase Card #E9, Click to view
Maxx, Sam Kieth's The, Topps - 1993
6 (Etched Foil Card: Cons, Wizard)
(Rare Find)
X-Men & Marvel Insert-Chase cards - Marvel Wanted
Sketchboard Chase #15 - Marrow
Editors Choice-
#3-Captain America
#12- X-Men
Marvel Gold : #3 Iron Man

LazerBlast Chase Card #3(of 4)- Hulk Click fior image
PhotoGraphix Chase Card #8 - Thing
PhotoGraphix Chase Card #9 - Thor

1994 Marvel Masterpieces Holofoil #3 - Daredevil-Click here for image
Sets of 10 now available

1994 Marvel Masterpieces - PowerBlast
PB1 Apocalypse -
PB2 Archangel
Click for card image
PB3 Cable
PB4 Cyclops
PB5 Gambit
PB6 Magneto
PB7 Rogue
PB8 Sabretooth

Marvel Universe, '94 Flair Edition
Fleer - 1994
Click for card image
click for card image

1994 Fleer Ultra X-MEN
Team Portrait #9, JEAN GREY
Team Portrait #2, PSYLOCKE
Click for card image
Team Portrait #6, Professor X

1995 Fleer Ultra X-MEN
1/9 Apocalypse
2/9 Cable
3/9 Deadpool
4/9 Random
Click for card image
5/9 Bishop
6/9 Sabretooth
7/9 Wolverine
8/9 Magneto
9/9 Archangel

X-MEN 1-Uncanny - Promo Hologram
(Advance Comics)
- Magneto (Rare)

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singles for:1987 Marvel Universe Trading Cards (trade or buy)
[ref A]
Barb Wire: laser-cut L4 (trade or buy)[ref:A]
The Best of Frazetta All-Chromium-Comic Images-1994
#'s[ref W]

This space free for listings

more - X-Men & Marvel Insert-Chase cards - Marvel
X-Men The Movie Topps - 2000
Clear Cling Cards:#CL6
Marvel Ultra Onslaught, Overpower Mission:
#6- Magneto & Rogue
Marvel Universe V (5)
PowerBlast - Rainbow
#2, 3, 5, 6,
Promo cards Promo Cards page: Special(s) - Announcements - Trivia
BONE Series 2 - Chromium Promo Card

CRIMSON Commemorative Edition - Promo Card #NSU1

THE PHANTOM - Comics Series Promotional Card-1994

WILDC.A.T.S - Chromium Promo Card #P2Click for card image

Wizard Double-sided Promo

1993 WIZARD Promo Card - Battlestone-Click for card image

Full Sets
- Card & Sticker Set
Click for Image

Ultraverse 2 - Skybox - 1994
Complete 90-Card Set

Heavy Metal - The Movie & More
Comic Images-1996
Where is Bernie Wrightson's Art Found?
Here they are - not including gaming cards.
Can you add to the list?

Bernie Wrightson
- Main sets
Wrightson: Master of the Macabre 1993, 90,+45,+9 chase and promo's
Wrightson II: More Macabre-1994, 90,+15 plus-auto(many),chase,promo
Wrightson Stickers-1996- 50 + autos(50)
Other sets
37 Why was I not made of Stone like Thee?, Bernie Wrightson
39 Nocturna, Bernie Wrightson
41 Moonpool, Bernie Wrightson
60 The Very Devil, Bernie Wrightson
74 Punkin Ladies, Bernie Wrightson
Femme Fatales - FPG - 1996
21 Salamandra, Bernie Wrightson
30 Panthera, Bernie Wrightson
42 Exterminatrix, Bernie Wrightson
44 Theo and Roger, Bernie Wrightson
46 Centaura, Bernie Wrightson
57 Queen of Hearts, Bernie Wrightson
75 First Frost, Bernie Wrightson
Heavy Metal (Covers) Comic Images - 1991
5. Ziegfried, Wrightson, August 1977
1st Covers Trading Cards II Comic Images / Marvel Comics - 1991
91. Punisher P.O.V. (Limited Series) 1991 Bernie Wrightson
National Lampoon 21st Century Archives - 1993
99. November 1973 Wrightson
100. November 1973 Wrightson
SC8.(Scale of Wise and Foolish) Wrightson
The Phantom Gallery Intrepid - 1996
L4. Bernie Wrightson
L4 Bernie Wrightson (signature cards)
Books, Calendars, Other - Books & Calendars FYI:
  Check past issues for more information.
Single-Common Cards added- Singles  
The Best of Frazetta 
All-Chromium-Comic Images-1994

Heavy Metal Covers -
Comic Images 1991
numerous additions)

The Art of Heavy Metal - many added

Visions of VAMPIRELLA - Gold-Foil Card #8
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