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Issue #8
All Fantasy Art Non-Sport Card Newsletter All Fantasy Art
Non-Sport Card 
Fantasy Art: Trading Cards-Comic-Pinup, Books, Calendars
Dedicated to Fantasy Art, Illustrated Art, Pinup & Comic Art, Fantasy Artists via Trading Cards, Books and Calendars. All-Fantasy-Art
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Date: July 26, 2003 Keeping you up-to-date! New Additions
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Chase-Insert-Cards added - Chase / Insert What Are You Looking For?

Spider-Man Premium '96
Fleer/SkyBox - 1996
Canvas Cards 5 of 6 Spider-Man Click to view card
Spider-Man Premiere 1995 Ultra Fleer Ultra - 1995Click to View card

SwordStalker-2000/1600-Mint  Click to View card

Barb Wire - Topps 1996 Click to view
Embossed Chase cards (1-12)

Comics FutureStars 1993
Majestic Entertainment - 1993
Star Player:1 - 5
SP1 Pixie Dan Brereton (have)
SP2 Shallot-Head: Man of Shame Rick Geary (have)
SP3 Drako Val Mayerik (have)
SP4 Jarod E. Silas Smith (have)
SP5 Annie Ammo Richard Case MVP Snake Dan Lawlis (have)
Hot Pick: HP1 - HP8:
HP1 Treason Shea Anton Pensa (have)
HP8 Gai-Jin David Ammerman (have)Click to view card

DC BLOODLINES - 1993 Skybox
Foil Embossed:(S1 - S4) S4 - Superboy
Past Issues:


Full Sets:

Chase / Insert / Promo Cards:

Books & Calendars 

Chase-Insert- Cards - Other
Wildstorm Gallery Wildstorm Productions-1995
Readers' Choice
RC1 Grifter Joe Phillips (have)Click to view card
RC6 Deathtrap Dan Brereton (have)
Battle Cards
B3 Spartan vs. Helspont Nick Choles (have)
B7 Grunge vs. Threshold Jeff Watts (have)
B8 Fairchild vs. Traveller Joe Phillips (have)
B10 Fuji vs. Brutus Joe Chiodo (have)
B12 Winter vs. M.A.D.-1 Steve Firchow (have)
X-Men & Marvel Insert-Chase cards - Marvel Wanted
Marvel Annual - Flair - 1995-Fleer
Chromium Cards :
1 Spider-Man have
3 Iron Man
6 Ghost Rider
7 Gambit*
9 Punisher
11 Juggernaut have
Marvel Annual - Flair - 1995-Fleer

Marvel Metal-1995 (site list shows more)
Gold Blaster
6 0f 18 Human Torch-Darick Robertson, Jim Caputo Click to View Card
5 of 18 Hulk Darick Robertson, Regie Milburn x2 Click to View Card
Metal Blaster
1. Cable Darick Robertson, Don Cassity
2 of 18 Captain America Darick Robertson, Jung Choi
3 of 18 Cyclops Darick Robertson, Tractor Click to View Card
4 of 18 Gambit Darick Robertson, Tractor
5 of 18 Hulk Darick Robertson, Regie Milburn Click to View Card
6 of 18 Human Torch Darick Robertson, Jim Caputo Click to View Card
8 of 18 Jean Grey Darick Robertson, Regie Milburn
9 of 18 Punisher Darick Robertson, Clayton Chambers Click to View Card
11 of 18 Silver Surfer Darick Robertson, Jim Caputo
12 of 18 Spider-Man Darick Robertson, Regie Milburn
13 of 18 Storm Darick Robertson, Regie Milburn
14of18 -Thing-Darick Robertson, Clayton Chambers Click to View Card
15 of 18 Thor Darick Robertson, Clayton Chambers
16 of 18 Venom Darick Robertson, Regie Milburn Click to View Card
17 of 18 War Machine Darick Robertson, Clayton ChambersClick to View Card18 of 18 Wolverine Click to View Card

93-Xmen 2099-Xian-S8-Marvel MasterpiecesClick to View Card

Marvel Universe IV (4) 1993 - Skybox
Specialist-Red Foil Click to View Card

X-Men All-Chromium:
Fleer Ultra 1995
99-card Gold Signature parallel: $1.00ea.

Traders Corner:
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singles for:1987 Marvel Universe Trading Cards (trade or buy)
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Barb Wire: laser-cut L4 (trade or buy)[ref:A]
The Best of Frazetta All-Chromium-Comic Images-1994
#'s[ref W]

This space free for your listings

more - X-Men & Marvel Insert-Chase cards - Marvel
X-Men Series I-Uncanny - Impel - 1992
Holograms:(XH1-XH5)$4.00 (set $18.00)
1995 Fleer Ultra -SPIDER-MAN Premiere
Holoblast Cards (1:9 packs)1 of 6 .
1 Spider-Man vs. Carnage (have)
3 Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Click to View card (have)
4 Venom vs. Iron Man (have)
Marvel Masterpieces - 1993 - Series II
X-Men 2099 Dyna-Etch Cards - S8-Xi'an
Promo cards Promo Cards page: Special(s) - Announcements
Bone - Series 2 - Promo 1995 - Jeff Smith

Images of Josephine by Boris & Julie
Comic Images - 1997

Prisoner Trading Cards, The;
Cornerstone Communications
1996- Promo A

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The
Cardz - 1994

Batman Master Series
Skybox -1995

Full Sets
BATMAN RETURNS - Complete 1992 Trading Card Set - Topps
88 Cards + 10 Special Stadium Club Cards

This is a complete set of Batman Returns trading cards. It has 88 regular cards and 10 special stadium club cards featuring scenes from the movie starring Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer. In near mint condition.

BATMAN MASTER SERIES - Complete 90-Card Set
Masterpiece art of the Batman Universe by today’s top artists. Extra thick card stock. In near mint-mint condition

Sheets (Promo)

Forbidden Universe: ROYO 2 - Premium 6-Card StripClick to view card

Hyborian Gates Collectible Card Game
Cardz - 1995 -
Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo Art
9 Card Promo Sheet
Click to view cardClick to view card

Full Sets
100 cards+6 ckl+4 promos Click to view cards Click to view cards
1993 by World Class Marketing
Complete 100-card set plus 6 checklist cards and 4 promos. Featuring Starlog Magazine covers of top movie and TV stars of fantasy and sci-fi with SF art. In near mint condition.

STAR TREK Deep Space Nine (1993) 100-card Set - SkyBox
Complete set of 100 trading cards featuring the cast, characters and episodes of the first season. DS9 is my pick for the best Star Trek series since the original. In near mint condition.Click to view cardsts
Books, Calendars, Other - Books & Calendars FYI:
More to Come Check past issues for more information.
Single-Common Cards added- Singles  
Olivia- Obsessions In Omnichrome -
singles added
Olivia 3 - Ladies, Leather & Lace - 1994
20 + added
Olivia In Omnichrome- 1996
added a few
Olivia - Studies In Sensuality - 1995
added 20 +
Royo- Secret Desires 1997
20+ added
Royo - From Fantasy to Reality - 1993
20+ added
Double Impact - 1996- Ricky Carralero
cards aded
Lethal Strike Chromium Stickers

Krome Productions - 1997
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