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DarkAge: Feudal Lords 
[Collectible Card Game]
(Limited Edition)
FPG - 1996
Type   # available
Artifact - Digger Bot (foil) Special LE 1
Abraham Rare LE 1
Black Market Rare LE 1
Chastity Rare LE 1
Field Medic Rare LE 1
Find Weak Spot Rare LE 1
Gimme That Rare LE 1
Glue Cannon Rare LE 1
Goliath Syndrome Rare LE 1
Hell Blade Rare LE 1
Holy Symbol Rare LE 1
HooDoo Totem Rare LE 1
Hunter Rare LE 1
In Your Face, Ace Rare LE 1
Lock Out Rare LE 1
Marksman Rare LE 1
Maul Rare LE 1
Prudence Rare LE 1
Quick Shot Rare LE 1
Razor Wire Spring Trap Rare LE 1
Reactive Shield Rare LE 1
Saboteurs Rare LE 1
Saint Mark Rare LE 1
Skilled Mentor Rare LE 1
Solitary Reflection Rare LE 1
Speed Rare LE 1
Spinning Spear Rare LE 1
That Thing is HUGE Rare LE 1
True Charisma Rare LE 1
Viz Noise Generator Rare LE 1
You Ain't All That Rare LE 1
You Ain't That Tough Rare LE 1
Acolyte Uncommon LE 2
Ain't Gonna Happen Uncommon LE 2
Ain't No Big Thing Uncommon LE 1
Attack Shield Uncommon LE 1
Attack Wasps Uncommon LE 2
Bane Uncommon LE 1
Bloodless Leader Uncommon LE 1
Bravery Uncommon LE 2
Bribe the Recruit Uncommon LE 1
Bribery Uncommon LE 4
Briggum Uncommon LE 4
Bunker Uncommon LE 2
Can't Touch This Uncommon LE 4
Chop Shop Uncommon LE 2
City Leader Uncommon LE 3
Coil Uncommon LE 2
Corrosive Fuel Spray Uncommon LE 3
Dredge Holes Uncommon LE 2
Fiend Uncommon LE 2
Get Out There You Big Lug Uncommon LE 1
Get The Goodies Uncommon LE 1
Good Pickins Uncommon LE 2
Grith Uncommon LE 2
Head Gear Uncommon LE 1
Heal Pouch Uncommon LE 1
Holy Land Fever Uncommon LE 2
Holy Text Uncommon LE 1
Insightful Arming Uncommon LE 1
Kaustic Uncommon LE 5
Knows the Land Uncommon LE 2
Leadership Uncommon LE 1
Luck Uncommon LE 3
Manipulate Uncommon LE 1
Martial Arts Uncommon LE 1
Mesh Armor Uncommon LE 4
New Options Uncommon LE 2
No Guts, No Glory Uncommon LE 1
No Way, Jose Uncommon LE 1
Not in the Briar Patch Uncommon LE 1
Power Fist Uncommon LE 2
Preacher Uncommon LE 2
Preveyor Uncommon LE 3
Raze Uncommon LE 2
Razor Claw Uncommon LE 3
Sacrifical Lamb Uncommon LE 1
Situational Awareness Uncommon LE 1
Sling Net Gun Uncommon LE 1
Slum Lord Uncommon LE 1
Stimm Treatment Uncommon LE 2
Strik Uncommon LE 1
Venousa Uncommon LE 2
Warburn Uncommon LE 2
Wilderness Guide Uncommon LE 2
Wildeye Uncommon LE 1
Wrecker Uncommon LE 2
X-Cite Uncommon LE 3
Aggression Common LE 1
Bad Luck Common LE 1
Banger Common LE 4
Banshee Warrior Common LE 5
Blessen Common LE 4
Bluff Common LE 3
Bobby Gun Common LE 3
Bounty Hunter Common LE 4
Brain Stimm Common LE 3
Bribe the Trainer Common LE 2
Chem Mask Common LE 2
Clean the Sewers Common LE 3
Cutter Arm Common LE 3
Death Dervish Grenade Common LE 3
Defector Common LE 1
Defensive Posture Common LE 1
Disciple of the Fall Common LE 5
Dodge and Hide Common LE 4
Dreg Surfer Common LE 3
Enhanced Optix Common LE 4
Fame Common LE 1
Foresight Common LE 3
Fortune Smiles Common LE 3
Fuel Tank Common LE 3
Get Shorty Common LE 3
Goodman Common LE 4
Grafter Common LE 3
Grenade Common LE 5
Grinner Common LE 4
Hidden Stores Common LE 3
Hit the Seams Common LE 3
Initiate of Murk Common LE 4
Inspiration Common LE 5
Intimidation Common LE 2
Intuitive Common LE 2
Lady Luck Smiles Common LE 3
Lucky Blow Common LE 5
Lucky Shot Common LE 4
Meathook Common LE 5
Not Quite Dead Common LE 3
Offensive Posture Common LE 1
Pale Fighter Common LE 2
Pastor Common LE 4
Patcher Common LE 5
Patient Leader Common LE 2
Purity Common LE 5
Pyro Common LE 4
Quatermaster Common LE 3
Quick to React Common LE 1
Quick to the Punch Common LE 2
Ravage Common LE 2
Riot in the Streets Common LE 2
Rumble Time Common LE 2
Scorched Earth Common LE 3
Scour Battlefield Common LE 1
Search for Crew Common LE 3
Shepherd Common LE 5
Smoke Grenade Common LE 2
Sonic Distractor Common LE 2
Strike to Stun Common LE 3
Sucker Punch Common LE 3
Targeter Common LE 6
Teck Ear Common LE 3
Terrifying Scream Common LE 2
Threats Common LE 2
Trainer Common LE 5
Weapon Harness Common LE 5
Wipeout! Common LE 2
X-Cess Common LE 5
You Just Try Common LE 2
Machine Core/Sewers/Great Hall Fixed LE 1
Park/Factory/Mega Mall Fixed LE 1
Warknight Leader Fixed LE 1
Witness Leader Fixed LE 1


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Card check list with artist credits
Title                                         Artist

Abraham                                       Brom
Acid Rain                                     Bradstreet
Acolyte                                       Brom
Aggression                                    Brom
Ain't Gonna Happen                            Doirscheid
Ain't No Big Thing                            Brom
Anticipation                                  Dorscheid
Artifact - Brain Expander                     Berkey
Artifact - Digger Bot                         Berkey
Artifact - Efficiency Bot                     
Artifact - Organizer Bot                      
Artifact - Pleasure Bot                       Berkey
Artifact - Wise Leader                        Brom
Assassin                                      Bradstreet
Attack Shield                                 Higginbotham
Attack Wasps                                  Higginbotham
Bad Doc Leader                                Dorman
Bad Luck                                      Berry
Bad Reputation                                Dorscheid
Bane                                          Brom
Banger                                        Bradstreet, Goleash
Banshee Warrior                               Bolton
Big Boy Must Go Down                          Brom
Black Market                                  Dorscheid
Blessen                                       Brom
Blood Ritual                                  Brom
Bloodless Leader                              Brom
Bluff                                         Brom
Bobby Gun                                     Higginbotham
Bounty Hunter                                 Bradstreet
Brain Stimm                                   Higginbotham
Brass                                         Hale
Bravery                                       Bradstreet
Bribe the Recruit                             Dorscheid
Bribe the Trainer                             Hale
Bribery                                       Brom
Briggum                                       Bradstreet
Bunker                                        Bradstreet
Buster                                        Dorman
Can't Touch This                              Brom
Chastity                                      Bolton
Chem Mask                                     Higginbotham
Chop Shop                                     Dorscheid
City Leader                                   Dorscheid
Clean the Sewers                              Post
Clergy Ann                                    
Coil                                          Bolton
Corrosive Fuel Spray                          Higginbotham
Cutter Arm                                    Higginbotham
Death Dervish Grenade                         Higginbotham
Death Disk                                    Higginbotham
Defector                                      Brom
Defensive Posture                             Bolton
Disciple of the Fall                          Zeleznik
Dodge and Hide                                Hale
Dredge Holes                                  Dorscheid
Dreg Surfer                                   Brom
Energy Core / Acid Tunnels / Gymnasium        Brom
Enhanced Optix                                Higginbotham
Fame                                          Brom
Field Medic                                   Brom
Fiend                                         Ho
Find Weak Spot                                Bolton
Flame Thrower                                 Higginbotham
Flash Grenades                                Higginbotham
Foresight                                     Dorman
Hail Storm                                    Brom
Head Gear                                     Higginbotham
Heal Pouch                                    Brom
Heavy Armor                                   Higgenbotham
Hell Blade                                    Higginbotham
Hell Storm                                    Hale
Hero                                          Brom
Hidden Stores                                 Brom
Hit the Seams                                 Brom
Holy Land Fever                               Dorman
Holy Symbol                                   Higginbotham
Holy Text                                     Higginbotham
HooDoo Leader                                 
HooDoo Totem                                  Hale
Hunter                                        Post
Hypnotism                                     Hale
I Hear Good Things                            Brom
Imposter                                      Berry
In Your Face, Ace                             Brom
Initiate of Murk                              Brom
Insightful Arming                             Bradstreet
Inspiration                                   Post
Interdiction                                  Brom
Intimidation                                  Brom
Intuitive                                     Bolton
Invest Leadership                             Brom
Kaustic                                       Brom
Killer Instinct                               Hale
Knows the Land                                Bradstreet, Gloeash
Lady Luck Smiles                              Berry
Leadership                                    Dorman
Light Armor                                   Higginbotham
Lock Out                                      Brom
Looter                                        Bolton
Luck                                          Brom
Lucky Blow                                    Dorman
Lucky Shot                                    Hale
Magnetic Core / Reactor Core / Cathedral      Brom
Manipulate                                    Brom
Marksman                                      Bradstreet
Martial Arts                                  Bradstreet
Maul                                          Dorman
Meathook                                      Dorman
Meet the Charge                               Brom
Mega Mall / Factory / Park                    Brom
Mercenary Leader                              Post
Mesh Armor                                    Higginbotham
New Options                                   Brom
Nice Try, French Fry                          Brom
No Guts, No Glory                             Brom
No Way, Josť                                  Brom
Nope                                          Hale
Not in the Briar Patch                        Brom
Not Quite Dead                                Brom
Offensive Posture                             Hale
Once More Into the Fray                       Bradstreet
Pale Fighter                                  Bolton
Pastor                                        Dorman
Patcher                                       Hale
Patient Leader                                Brom
Poisoned Blade                                Higginbotham
Political Bribes                              Brom
Politiking the Draft                          Brom
Power Fist                                    Higginbotham
Preacher                                      Brom
Preveyor                                      Dorman
Prudence                                      Bolton
Psychotic Intern                              Bolton
Purity                                        Dorman
Pyro                                          Hale
Quartermaster                                 Brom
Quick Shot                                    Dorman
Quick to React                                Hale
Quick to the Punch                            Hale
Rally Round The Carcass                       Brom
Ravage                                        Brom
Raze                                          Brom
Razor Claw                                    Higginbotham
Razor Wire Spring Trap                        Brom
Reactive Shield                               Higginbotham
Receive Council                               Brom
Red                                           Brom
Red Fungus Injection                          Brom
Religious Fervor                              Dorscheid
Riot in the Streets                           Post
Rumble Time                                   Brom
Saboteurs                                     Brom
Sacrifical Lamb                               Brom
Safety Tunnels / Acrid Fields / Labyrinth     Brom
Saint Mark                                    Brom
Scar Gang Leader                              Hale
Scorched Earth                                Post
Scour Battlefield                             Bradstreet
Search for Crew                               Brom
Self-Destruct Bomb                            Higginbotham
Sewage Plant / War Shelter / Killing Grounds  Brom
Shade                                         Bolton
Shepherd                                      Brom
Situational Awareness                         Hale
Skilled Mentor                                Zelznik
Sling Net Gun                                 Higginbotham
Slum Lord                                     Hale
Smoke Grenade                                 Higginbotham
Solitary Reflection                           Brom
Sonic Distractor                              Higginbotham
Sour Victory                                  Hale
Speed                                         Berry
Spinning Spear                                Higginbotham
Stimm Treatment                               Brom
Strik                                         Brom
Strike to Stun                                Hale
Sucker Punch                                  Berry
Sucks To Be You                               Brom
Survivalist Leader                            Bradstreet
Targeter                                      Higginbotham
Teck Ear                                      Higginbotham
Terrifying Scream                             Bolton
Terrorist Bot                                 Berkey
That Thing is HUGE                            Brom
Threats                                       Brom
Tool Kit                                      Higginbotham
Trainer                                       Brom
Training                                      Brom
True Charisma                                 Matson
Venousa                                       Zeleznik
Victory Dance                                 Brom
Vision of Paradise                            Brom
Viz Noise Generator                           Higginbotham
VooDoo Doll                                   Brom
Warburn                                       Dorman
Warhead Leader                                Brom
Warknight Leader                              Brom
Water Hole / Rooftops / Bar                   Brom
Weapon Harness                                Higginbotham
Weaponsmith                                   Brom
White Reaver Leader                           Brom
Wilderness Guide                              Bolton
Wildeye                                       Bradstreet
Wipeout!                                      Brom
Witness Leader                                Dorman
Wrecker                                       Brom
X-Cess                                        Brom
X-Cite                                        Hale
X-Otic                                        Haloe
You Ain't All That                            Brom
You Ain't That Tough                          Brom
You Just Try                                  Brom