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Blood Wars Card Game (1st Edition) TSR - 1995

Cards available

Name Type # available
Hruggek Chase 2
Mercykiller Paladin Chase 1
Peace Compact Chase 1
Prisoners of War Chase 2
The Converted Chase 1
Tutor of the Crone Chase 1
Asrai Rare 1
Assassination Plot Rare 1
Bifrost the Rainbow Bridge Rare 1
Bralani Eladrin Rare 1
Faerie Queen Morwel Rare 1
Ghaele Eladrin Rare 1
Powers of Neutrality Intervene Rare 1
Prime Summons IV Rare 1
Shra'kt'lor Rare 1
The Harmonica Rare 1
Tiamat Rare 1
Tiefling Wizard Rare 1
Tokarrast Mercenary Rare 1
Vorkehan Rare 1
Avoral Uncommon 2
Baku Uncommon 1
Barghest Legionnaire Uncommon 1
Bedlam Uncommon 1
Blue Slaad Uncommon 1
Chasme Uncommon 1
Curst Uncommon 1
Darktome the Arcanaloth Uncommon 1
Decaton Uncommon 1
Ecstasy Uncommon 1
Excelsior Uncommon 1
Gates of the Moon Uncommon 1
Hamatula Uncommon 1
Hopeless Uncommon 1
Light Aasimon Uncommon 1
Lord Hwhyn Uncommon 1
Naratyr Uncommon 1
Norse Dwarves Uncommon 2
Oread Uncommon 1
Plague-Mort Uncommon 1
Plains of Gallenshu Uncommon 1
Prime Summons II Uncommon 1
Scimitar of Valor Uncommon 1
The Ship of Chaos Uncommon 1
The Silver Sea Uncommon 2
Trident of Corruption Uncommon 2
Yagnoloth Uncommon 1
Acheron Common 1
Alu-Fiend Common 2
Bacchae Common 1
Betrayal Common 1
Charge! Common 1
Cranium Blast Common 2
Erinyes Common 2
Gazra Common 2
Githyanki Common 2
Kochrachon Common 1
Major Transformation Common 2
Mellinos the Rrakkmal Common 1
Mount Celestia Common 1
Movanic Deva Common 2
Outsider Archer Common 1
Pandemonium Common 2
Protection vs. Legions Common 1
Red Slaad Common 2
Shiere Eladrin Common 1
Spies in the Walls Common 1
Spinagon Common 1
Sword of Purity Common 1
Vargouilles Common 2
Yggdrasil Common 1
Archon Guardian Most/Very Common 2
Azzagrat Most/Very Common 1
Bahamut Most/Very Common 1
Forbidden Citadel Most/Very Common 1
Gehenna Most/Very Common 1
Graz'zt Most/Very Common 1
Infinite Staircase Most/Very Common 1
Marilith Colonel Most/Very Common 2
Mausoleum of Chronepsis Most/Very Common 3
Molydeus Magistrate Most/Very Common 1
Palace of Judgement Most/Very Common 1
Phylaras Most/Very Common 1
Planetar General Most/Very Common 1
Quarton Hierarch Most/Very Common 1
Regulus Most/Very Common 1
River Ma'at Most/Very Common 1
Sardior Most/Very Common 2
Teardrop Palace Most/Very Common 1
The Abyss Most/Very Common 2
The Gray Waste Most/Very Common 1
The Outlands Most/Very Common 1
Throne Archon Most/Very Common 1
Torremor Most/Very Common 1
Tulani Champion Most/Very Common 1
Tulani Warlord Most/Very Common 1
Winter's Hall Most/Very Common 1


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Complete list of cards with artists names.

Title                            Type            Rarity         Artist

Aasimar                          Legion          Uncommon       Paul Jacquays
Abishai                          Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Acheron                          Battlefield     Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Aferoxxynomak                    Warlord         Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Agathinon                        Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Alu-Fiend                        Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Ambush!                          Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Amnizu Warden                    Warlord         MostCommonR    Tony DiTerlizzi
Amulet of Protection             Fate            Chase
Amun-Thys                        Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Animate Battlefield              Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Arborea                          Battlefield     Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Arcadia                          Battlefield     Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Archon Guardian                  Warlord         MostCommonR    Tony DiTerlizzi
Armor of Invulnerability         Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Asgard                           Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Asrai                            Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Assassination Plot               Fate            Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Astral Conduit                   Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Astral Plane                     Battlefield     Common         Dana Knudson
Automata                         Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Avoral                           Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Azzagrat                         Battlefield     VeryCommonR    Rob Lazzeretti
Baator                           Battlefield     MostCommonSR   Tony DiTerlizzi
Babau Recruiter                  Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Bacchae Marauders                Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Bahamut                          Warlord-Avatar  VeryCommonU    Rob Lazzeretti
Baku                             Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Balaena                          Legion          Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Bar-Lgura                        Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Barbazu                          Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Barghest Legionnaire             Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Barghest Lord                    Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Bariaur                          Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Barnstable                       Battlefield     Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Battle-Scarred Planes            Fate            Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Beastlands                       Battlefield     Common         Dana Knudson
Bebilith Sympathizer             Fate            Chase
Bedlam                           Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Betrayal                         Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Bifrost the Rainbow Bridge       Battlefield     Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Blade of Loyalty                 Fate            Common         Dana Knudson
Bladeling Hero                   Warlord         VeryCommonR    Tony DiTerlizzi
Blood War Provocation            Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Blue Slaad                       Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Bralani                          Legion          Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Bugbear Shaman                   Legion          Chase
Buseni                           Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Bytopia                          Battlefield     Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Call to Arms                     Fate            Common         Paul Jacquays
Cambion Baron                    Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Cambion Mercenary                Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Carceri                          Battlefield     MostCommonSC   Dana Knudson
Cat Lord                         Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Caverns of Thought               Battlefield     Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Cervidal                         Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Chaos Beast                      Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Chaos Imps                       Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Charge!                          Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Chasme Drone                     Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Chronepsis                       Warlord-Avatar  VeryCommonR    Tony DiTerlizzi
Cloak of Invisibility            Fate            Uncommon       Newt Ewell
Clueless Warrior                 Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Clueless Wizard                  Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Conclave of Generals             Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Consolidation of Power           Fate            Rare           Henry Higgenbotham
Cornugon Whiplord                Warlord         MostCommonU    Tony DiTerlizzi
Coure                            Legion          Common         Rob Lazzeretti
Court under the Stars            Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Cranium Blast                    Fate            Common         Newt Ewell
Cranium Rats                     Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Crown of Protection              Fate            Chase
Crystal Ball                     Fate            Uncommon       Dave Sutherland
Curst                            Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Darktome the Arcanaloth          Warlord         Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Decaton                          Legion          Uncommon       Dave Sutherland
Deepshaft Hall                   Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Demonweb Pits                    Battlefield     VeryCommonU    Tony DiTerlizzi
Dergholoth                       Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Deva Commander                   Warlord         MostCommonC    Dana Knudson
Dothion                          Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Dragonscale Armor                Fate            Uncommon       Newt Ewell
Dretch                           Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Duchess Callisto                 Warlord         Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Duke Lucan                       Warlord         Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Duke Windheir                    Warlord         Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Dwarven Mountain                 Battlefield     VeryCommonU    Dave Sutherland
Echarus                          Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Ecstasy                          Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Einheriar of the Outlands        Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Elshava                          Battlefield     Rare           Dana Knudson
Elves of Arborea                 Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Elysium                          Battlefield     Common         Dana Knudson
End Hostilities                  Fate            Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Equinal                          Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Ercid, Rudra's Vengeance         Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Erinyes                          Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Escape from Death                Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Excelsior                        Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Exiraati                         Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Faaram the Slaadi King           Warlord         Common         Rob Lazzeretti
Faerie Queen Morwel              Warlord-Avatar  Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Faerinaal, Queen's Consort       Warlord         Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Faunel                           Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Fensir Rakka                     Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Fire Mephit                      Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Firre Troops                     Legion          Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Foo Dog Pack                     Fate            Chase
Fortitude                        Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Fortress of the Arcanaloth       Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Gaola                            Battlefield     Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Gate Key                         Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Gates of the Moon                Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Gaze of the Bodak                Fate            Chase
Gazra the Pit Fiend              Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Gehenna                          Battlefield     VeryCommonSC   Dana Knudson
Gelugon Overlord                 Warlord         MostCommonC    Tony DiTerlizzi
Ghaele Elite                     Legion          Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Githyanki                        Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Githzerai                        Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Glabrezu                         Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Glorium                          Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Grandfather Oak                  Battlefield     Rare           Robin Raab
Gray Slaad                       Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Graz'zt                          Warlord-Avatar  VeryCommonU    Tony DiTerlizzi
Green Slaad                      Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Guardian Molydeus                Warlord-Avatar  Promo
Gwynarwhyf the Veiled            Warlord         Common         Rob Lazzeretti
Hamatula                         Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Hawk Lord                        Warlord         MostCommonC    Tony DiTerlizzi
High Grove of Alfheim            Battlefield     Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Honorable Passing                Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Hopeless                         Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Hound Hunters                    Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Hruggek                          Warlord-Avatar  Chase
Hruggek's Symbol                 Fate            Chase
Hruggekolohk                     Battlefield     VeryCommonC    Dana Knudson
Hydroloth                        Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Invite to Battle                 Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Iron City of Dis                 Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Jotunheim                        Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Kochrachon                       Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Lance of Pain                    Fate            Common         Dana Knudson
Lantern Archon                   Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Lazzaret the Brown               Warlord         Common         Dana Knudson
Legions Mutiny!                  Fate            Chase
Lemure Patrol                    Fate            Chase
Leonal                           Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Light Aasimon                    Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Lillend                          Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Limbo                            Battlefield     Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Lizard Lord                      Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Lord Hwhyn                       Warlord         Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Lord Rhanok                      Warlord         Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Lord Tenarrus                    Warlord         VeryCommonC    Tony DiTerlizzi
Lost Comrade Returns             Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Lower Planar Conscription        Fate            Chase
Lupinal                          Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Mace of Misery                   Fate            Common         Dana Knudson
Madhouse                         Battlefield     Rare           Dave Sutherland
Major Transformation             Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Malaetar Rider                   Legion          Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Malelephant                      Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Marilith Colonel                 Warlord         MostCommonU    Tony DiTerlizzi
Marisa                           Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Marraenoloth Skiff               Fate            Chase
Massacre in Baator               Fate            Chase
Mausoleum of Chronepsis          Battlefield     VeryCommonR    Rob Lazzeretti
Mechanus                         Battlefield     Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Mellinos the Rrakkmal            Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Mephit Swarm                     Fate            Chase
Mercykiller Paladin              Fate            Chase
Merratet                         Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Mezzoloth                        Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Minauros the Sinking             Battlefield     Uncommon       Dave Sutherland
Mines of Marsellin               Battlefield     Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Modron Procession                Fate            Common         Dave Sutherland
Modron Sentries                  Fate            Chase
Molydeus Magistrate              Warlord         MostCommonR    Tony DiTerlizzi
Monodrone                        Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Monster Summons                  Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Mount Celestia                   Battlefield     Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Mount Olympus                    Battlefield     Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Movanic Deva                     Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Nabassu                          Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Nalfeshnee Captain               Warlord         MostCommonC    Tony DiTerlizzi
Naratyr                          Battlefield     Uncommon       Robin Raab
Native of Sigil                  Fate            Chase
Nic'Epona                        Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Nidavellir                       Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Night Hag                        Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Norse Dwarves                    Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Noviere Raider                   Legion          Common         Rob Lazzeretti
Nupperibo                        Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Nupperibo Host                   Fate            Chase
Nycaloth Warrior                 Warlord         MostCommonC    Tony DiTerlizzi
Octon                            Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Old Hannirian                    Warlord         VeryCommonR    Tony DiTerlizzi
Oread                            Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Osyluth                          Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Outsider Archer                  Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Palace of Judgment               Battlefield     VeryCommonR    Tony DiTerlizzi
Pandemonium                      Battlefield     Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Pandemonium Madness              Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Parai                            Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Pazrael                          Warlord-Avatar  Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Peace Compact                    Fate            Chase
Phylaras                         Warlord         VeryCommonR    Dana Knudson
Piscoloth                        Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Plague-Mort                      Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Plains of Gallenshu              Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Planetar General                 Warlord         MostCommonC    Tony DiTerlizzi
Political Scapegoat              Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Powers of Evil Intervene!        Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Powers of Good Intervene         Fate            Rare           Newt Ewell
Powers of Neutrality Intervene   Fate            Rare           Newt Ewell
Press Gang                       Fate            Uncommon       Paul Jacquays
Prime Summons I                  Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Prime Summons II                 Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Prime Summons III                Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Prime Summons IV                 Fate            Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Prisoners of War                 Fate            Chase
Protection vs. Fate              Fate            Common         Newt Ewell
Protection vs. Legions           Fate            Common         Newt Ewell
Protection vs. Warlords          Fate            Common         Newt Ewell
Quadrone                         Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Quarton Hierarch                 Warlord         MostCommonR    Tony DiTerlizzi
Quill                            Legion          Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Quinton Hierarch                 Warlord         VeryCommonC
Rain of Fire                     Fate            Common         Henry Higgenbotham
Red Slaad                        Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Regulus                          Battlefield     VeryCommonC    Tony DiTerlizzi
Release from Care                Battlefield     Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Renegotiations                   Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Ribcage                          Battlefield     Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Rigus                            Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Ring of Protection               Fate            Chase
River Oceanus                    Battlefield     Common         Rob Lazzeretti
Rogue Modron                     Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Sardior                          Warlord-Avatar  VeryCommonU    Rob Lazzeretti
Scepter of Shekelor              Fate            Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Scimitar of Valor                Fate            Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Scion of Ilsensine               Warlord         MostCommonU    Rob Lazzeretti
Scream of Armanites              Fate            Chase
Semuanya's Bog                   Battlefield     VeryCommonU    Rob Lazzeretti
Shamble of Rutterkin             Fate            Chase
Sheela Peryroyl's Realm          Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Shekinester                      Warlord-Avatar  Chase
Shekinester's Symbol             Fate            Chase
Shield Maidens of Odin           Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Shiere Crusaders                 Legion          Common         Rob Lazzeretti
Shra'kt'lor                      Battlefield     Rare           Dana Knudson
Slaadi Mob                       Fate            Chase
Slaughter in the Abyss           Fate            Chase
Smaragd                          Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Sneak Attack                     Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Snowhair                         Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Soot Hall                        Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Spawning Stone                   Battlefield     Rare           Dave Sutherland
Spell Mirror                     Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Spies in the Walls               Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Spinagon                         Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Spirit of the Air                Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Spirited Troops                  Fate            Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Stolen Seat of Power             Fate            Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Straifling                       Battlefield     Uncommon       Dave Sutherland
Strongale Hall                   Battlefield     Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Succubus                         Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Sword Archon                     Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Sword of Purity                  Fate            Common         Dana Knudson
Sylvania                         Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Talisid the Leonal Prince        Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Teardrop Palace                  Battlefield     VeryCommonR    Dave Sutherland
The Abyss                        Battlefield     MostCommonSR   Rob Lazzeretti
The Bladed Mace                  Fate            Uncommon       Dana Knudson
The Converted                    Legion          Chase
The Floating City                Battlefield     Rare           Dana Knudson
The Forbidden Citadel            Battlefield     VeryCommonU    Rob Lazzeretti
The Gilded Hall                  Battlefield     Rare           Robin Raab
The Gray Waste                   Battlefield     MostCommonSR   Dana Knudson
The Harmonica                    Battlefield     Rare           Robin Raab
The Infinite Staircase           Battlefield     VeryCommonC    Tony DiTerlizzi
The Jade Palace                  Battlefield     VeryCommonR    Dave Sutherland
The Lady of Pain                 Warlord-Avatar  Chase
The Outlands                     Battlefield     VeryCommonR    Tony DiTerlizzi
The Pillar of Skulls             Battlefield     Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
The Plain of Infinite Portals    Battlefield     VeryCommonU    Robin Raab
The River Ma'at                  Battlefield     VeryCommonC    Dana Knudson
The River Styx                   Battlefield     VeryCommonC    Dana Knudson
The Ship of Chaos                Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
The Silver Sea                   Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
The Spire                        Battlefield     VeryCommonU    Tony DiTerlizzi
The Viper Wastes                 Battlefield     Uncommon       Dave Sutherland
The Wasting Tower of Khin-Oin    Battlefield     VeryCommonC    Dana Knudson
Thomstel Maedarson               Warlord         Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Throne Archon                    Warlord         MostCommonU    Tony DiTerlizzi
Tiamat                           Warlord-Avatar  Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Tide Turns!                      Fate            Common         Paul Jacquays
Tiefling Amazon                  Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Tiefling Sensate                 Fate            Chase
Tiefling Wanderer                Legion          Common         Dana Knudson
Tiefling Wizard                  Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Tokarrast Mercenary              Warlord         Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Torch                            Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Torremor                         Battlefield     VeryCommonU    Rob Lazzeretti
Tradegate                        Battlefield     Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Trident of Corruption            Fate            Uncommon       Dana Knudson
Trumpet Archon                   Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Tulani Champion                  Warlord         MostCommonU    Rob Lazzeretti
Tulani Warlord                   Warlord         MostCommonR    Rob Lazzeretti
Tutor of the Crone               Legion          Chase
United Front                     Fate            Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Upper Planar Recruitment         Fate            Chase
Urial the Celestial Arrow        Warlord         Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Ursinal                          Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Vadarther the Ultroloth          Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Valhalla                         Battlefield     Rare           Dave Sutherland
Vanaheim                         Battlefield     Uncommon       Rob Lazzeretti
Vargouilles                      Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Vorkehan                         Battlefield     Rare           Rob Lazzeretti
Vrock                            Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Warden Archon                    Legion          Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Windglum                         Battlefield     Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Winter's Hall                    Battlefield     VeryCommonC    Tony DiTerlizzi
Wolf Lord                        Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Xaos                             Battlefield     Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Xerxes the Vigilant              Warlord         Common         Tony DiTerlizzi
Yagnoloth                        Legion          Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Yeth Hound Pack                  Fate            Chase
Yggdrasil the World Tree         Battlefield     Common         Robin Raab
Ysgard                           Battlefield     Common         Rob Lazzeretti
Yugoloth Bribery                 Fate            Chase
Zoronor, City of Shadows         Battlefield     Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi
Zoveri                           Legion          Rare           Tony DiTerlizzi
Zrintor the Viper Forest         Battlefield     Uncommon       Tony DiTerlizzi